52 weeks: 25/52

I’ve been so busy over the past few days that I haven’t had a chance to post here, so I’m a little late with last week’s moments of happiness!

Now this doesn’t look as tall as it is in real life!  The pile of squares for my rainbow blanket – all I need to do now is join them together…

rainbow squares

This is the first posy of sweet peas that I have picked in 2 years – last year, the slugs got to all of the plants before they’d even made it outdoors. Hurray for sweet peas – and the best bit? The more you pick them, the more you get. Perfect.

sweet peas

You can tell, even though there are patches of blue sky (international readers, this is what is known as a typical summer’s day over here) that it wasn’t the brightest of days. But there’s something about York minster that suits the gloomier weather. We had a lovely day out in York, and hardly got soaked in the rain!

york minster

That’s all for this week,  although if I’m realistic the final picture here should really be one of a jam doughnut. Seeing as we’ve already had a post full of those, I won’t add any more…but if you haven’t made any yet, do!

3 thoughts on “52 weeks: 25/52

  1. The rainbow squares look lovely – they’ll be even nicer when they are all sewn together. My sweet peas haven’t flowered yet. Yours are so pretty. x

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