A (brief) North Wales adventure

In order to visit the new baby, and deliver the rainbow blanket, we had to travel down to North Wales. Fortunately, my parents-in-law had rented a small holiday cottage in the area, so we were able to turn the visit into a short break and fit in some walking and exploring around hospital visiting hours. I took a lot of photos!

The weather was…British. That is to say, the first day and a half were freezing – I had to borrow a fleece from my mother-in-law and we slept under a thick duvet and blanket – but on the second afternoon, the sun suddenly turned up for long enough that we were able to strip down to t-shirts.

view from Bangor pier

The view from Bangor pier – I sat on the floor, out of the wind, hence the slightly wonky photo!

Bangor pier lamp

boats in Bangor harbour

Druids' cricle standing stones

Standing stones, locally known as the Druid’s Circle – but in fact about a thousand years older than the druids.

view over Anglesey

The view from the hills directly above where we stayed, looking out over the Anglesey straits. Much better on the way down than up!

tower roof

A really lovely tower – I can just picture myself sitting in that glass room with a cup of tea and a good book.

All of the rest of the photos were taken in Conwy, mainly in the castle. I love a good castle, and although I’ve visited a fair few Conwy has to be one of the best you can visit in the UK. It’s massive, fairly well preserved and the location is perfect.

Conwy castle view

The view over the bay…

jackdaw in town wall


The castle from the town walls (also worth a visit!)

Conwy town walls

jackdaw on castle ruins

A friendly crow, happy to pose.

Conwy castle interior

The interior of the castle as seen from one of the lower towers.

hills from Conwy castle

welsh flag

boats from castle

Conwy interior window

Conwy bay through arrow slit

The view through one of the arrow slits.

king's head conwy

The king!

castle seagull

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